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Hydrate for 8 and Donate

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Hydrate for 8 and Donate

Substitute tea, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks etc
with water for 8 days and donate the savings.

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What is it?
'Hydrate for 8 & Donate' programme involves participants replacing their intake of alcohol, tea, coffee and soft drinks with water for the period of 8 days and donating their savings to Bray Lions Club charities.

The programme runs from Sat 8th - Sat 15th April inclusive.

Why should I Participate?
Professor Donal O'Shea (Obesity Specialist) says

"Many of the drinks we consume such as, coffee, tea, alcohol and fizzy drinks can have negative effects. These effects include weight gain, poor concentration and low mood especially when taken in larger quantities. In the case of alcohol and sugar sweetened drinks there are clear links between the amounts consumed and serious health problems such diabetes, strokes, cancer and heart disease.

It is important for good health that we control our intake of these drinks. In addition not only is drinking water instead of tea, coffee, alcohol and soft drinks very beneficial to our health, it also makes you feel better."

Programmes such as Hydrate for 8 and Donate can help people take back control over their beverage intake and begin to experience again the benefits of healthy living."

While enjoying the health benefits of the programme you will also be supporting Bray Lions Club charities.

How do I Participate?
Participants must register on the form below.
The latest date for registration is Friday 7th April 2017.

How much might I Save/Donate?
We will leave that calculation up to you. Potential savings, however, are significant when you think that an alcoholic drink in a pub costs on average Euro 5, a cup of tea/coffee outside the home Euro 1.50- Euro 3.00, a soft drink Euro 1-2. (Savings on drinks consumed at home are obviously less.) Why not pick a value of a certain amount per day that you are saving (i.e Euro 5 - 10) to donate?

At the end of the 8 days you may well be surprised at the number of cups of tea or coffee, soft drinks or alcohol you have avoided.

Help & Support
During the Hydrate for 8 & Donate programme participants can keep in touch with each other and get further information/support on our Bray Lions Club Facebook Page

Terms and Conditions:
Your registration for 'Hydrate for 8 and Donate' indicates your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. We may change these General Terms from time to time, so please check back regularly.

1. To participate in 'Hydrate for 8 and Donate' you must be aged 16 or over on 1 January 2017.
2. Registration will be open until Friday 7th April 2017 and is valid only for the 2017 event. Bray Lions Club reserves the right to suspend or close registration at any time for any reason at its absolute discretion.
3. All participants must register for 'Hydrate for 8 and Donate' using their own valid email and postal address.
4. All participants enter 'Hydrate for 8 and Donate' entirely at their own risk and so far as permitted by law, Bray Lions Club shall not be liable for any injury or loss which might occur as a result of their participation.
5. Before starting this activity please consult your GP or medical professional. If you experience any discomfort please stop the challenge immediately.
6. In addition to clauses 4 & 5 above you:
- - Accept that the onus is on you to ascertain the level of risk associated with your participation in the activity and by registering you confirm that you are not aware of any medical condition(s) or impairment(s) that may be detrimental to your health if you participate in the activity; and
- - Accept that you are taking part in and/or organising the activity on your own initiative and agree to participate in the activity entirely at your own risk.
7. Only registered participants are eligible to take part in 'Hydrate for 8 and Donate'.
8. All monies raised in connection with 'Hydrate for 8 and Donate' will be collected directly by Bray Lions Club and participants have a legal responsibility to ensure that all fundraising/sponsorship monies/donations received for 'Hydrate for 8 and Donate' are paid to Bray Lions Club. We ask that participants do this as soon as practicable after 'Hydrate for 8 and Donate' ends on Saturday 15 April 2017, prefereably within 2 weeks.
9. Bray Lions Club reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend these terms and conditions at any time and all registrations after such change will be governed by these amended terms.
10. If a claim is made against Bray Lions Club in relation to the activity which is attributable to your act, omission, negligence or breach of any of these terms and conditions you agree to reimburse Bray Lions Club for any sums which Bray Lions Club pays as a result of the claim including, but not limited to, any associated legal costs or other expenses.
11. These terms and conditions are governed by Irish law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts.

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